Vidia is a purpose-driven investment firm targeting climate action through private equity investments. We are motivated by the urgency of the climate crisis and the immediate need to accelerate the decarbonization of the global economy. It is our mission to accelerate the transition to a net-zero economy by scaling climate solutions while achieving superior financial returns for investors.

We are proven entrepreneurial partners for owners and managers, providing not only capital, but also deep operational support for sustainable value creation. We continuously strive to improve the competitiveness of our portfolio companies’ climate solutions and their strategic positioning for green growth.

Our Investment Approach

If we want to leave a lasting positive impact for future generations on this planet, we need to change the way we invest. That’s why we make the best use of our investment skills and methodologies to facilitate a virtuous circle by:

The result is an accelerated deployment of climate solutions at scale as well as an improved strategic positioning for our portfolio companies in the world’s #racetozero.

Our Thematic

Vidia is committed to reducing, avoiding or removing greenhouse gas emissions by focusing our investments on the five highest-emitting sectors.

Across these sectors, we focus on three core themes of transformative solutions: industrial materials, electrification, and circular economy business models to reduce emissions and waste from materials-related activities.

Within these core themes, we also focus on enabling technologies, which indirectly contribute to improved or accelerated climate mitigation performance and are typically provided by key suppliers upstream the supply chain.

Our investments have the potential for significant growth in areas undergoing systemic transformations, resulting in a substantial contribution to climate mitigation.





Food & Agriculture

Our Climate Impact

If we want to maximize our impact we need to act now and with a tangible, structured approach. That’s why our decisions are science-based and driven by a bespoke scoring method taking into account well-established global standards.


We follow the climate stabilization goals defined in the Paris Agreement 2015 and support the EU Sustainable Finance Strategy, seeking to actively contribute to a climate neutral economy by 2050.


We integrate climate impact and ESG considerations in the whole investment process, from sourcing to exit. Our investment decisions are based on the positive climate impact potential of the target’s business model as well as our goal of achieving superior returns.


We are committed to the Science Based Targets Initiative for financial institutions to align our investment activities with the Paris Agreement, including imposing science-based net-zero targets on our portfolio companies.

“We see global warming not as an inevitability but as an invitation to build, innovate, and effect change, a pathway that awakens creativity, compassion, and genius. This is not a liberal agenda, nor is it a conservative one. This is the human agenda.”

Paul Hawken

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